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Episode 2: Developing a cyber-resilient culture

Even though large enterprises and nation-states across the globe continue to fall victim to data breaches, courtesy of “human error”, regardless of the number of technical resources they have at their disposal, many enterprises still believe that cyber resilience is about obtaining more technical tools and compliance seals. 

In Episode 2 of the Cyber Leadership Institute Webcast Series, world-renowned CISO and Cyber Leadership Institute Chairman, Darren Argyle, hosts leading cyberculture transformation experts, Jasmin Krapf and Christopher Sant, as they discuss practical ways to implement strategies to develop an enterprise-wide culture of cyber-resilience.

Inspired by the Cyber Leadership Institute CISO Playbook
'Developing a cyber-resilient culture',  Episode 2 covers the following topics and more
(click this
link to download the playbook).

What We Cover In Episode 2

  • How organizations have been adapting to the cyber-culture shift
  • Maintaining a risk-aware culture with a remote workforce
  • Proven examples of delivering measurable culture change 
  • Evolution of the threat landscape and improving employee alertness
  • What CISOs can do to educate the “top of the house”
  • Tips for CISO teams to achieve culture change programs in 2021

About The Speakers

Darren Argyle

Chairman, Cyber Leadership Institute

  • +20 years of international cyber risk and security experience
  • Group Chief Information Security Risk Officer for world-class enterprises
  • Top 100 Global Chief Information Security Officers

Jasmin Krapf

security awareness and enablement leader

  • +12 years of cyber transformation experience
  • Consults in security awareness for organizations large, small, public and private 
  • Expertise in helping organisations deliver effective change and cyber capability uplift

Christopher Sant

Cyber Security uplift Consultant

  • +15 years of cyber risk and security experience
  • Consults to leading Australian organizations to help them build strong organizational cyber cultures
  • Specializes in cutting through the technical jargon and simplifying complex terms

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