Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) with Enterprise Membership of the Cyber Leadership Institute

Many organizations are choosing to join the Cyber Leadership Institute as an Enterprise Member and purchase pre-paid Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) to get access to volume discounts on our range of online courses and to avoid procurement delays. Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) provide significant volume discounts on all course enrolments in any of the Cyber Leadership Institute Courses

What you get:

  • Training at volume discounts, with discount levels increasing dependent on the amount of training you purchase. The more you train, the more you save.

  • Dedicated Enrolment Specialist: Manages your training plan, registers team members, and provides on-demand training completion status updates

Benefits of pre-purchasing Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs):


  • Discounted access to an ever-growing range of leadership training programs and online courses.
  • Prepaid Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) enable your team to maximize the training they receive while minimizing the training dollars you spend.
Training when you need it:
  • No procurement delays. Enrolments processed when you need them.
  • Draw down against your Learning Credits as you enroll people on courses.
  • Top-up your Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) at any time.

How it works:

  • Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) are available to all organizations who have a current Enterprise Membership of the Cyber Leadership Institute.
  • Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) are payable in advance, and are valid for 12 months from purchase date.
  • ELCs can be redeemed on any course listed in the CLI Course Catalogue which can be accessed here 
  • After purchase of your ELCs, you will receive an email outlining the process to register and enrol users.
  • You can top-up your Enterprise Learning Credits at any time.
  • Your dedicated Enrolment Specialist will contact you to manage your training plan, register team members, and provides on-demand training completion status updates.
  • The discounted enrolment fee is deducted from your available Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) as enrolments are processed.
  • Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) are non-refundable and are only transferable within the member organization. 
  • Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) can be purchased for groups of companies – combine your purchasing power across your group to qualify for greater volume discounts.

Enterprise Learning Credit Volume Discount Tiers (Annual)

Value of Enterprise Learning Credits (ELCs) purchased


You Pay

US$8,000 to $15,999

35 %

$5,200 to $10,399

US$16,000 to $31,999

40 %

$9,600 to $19,199 


45 %


**Double discounting is not allowed (cannot use a public discount code or an individual membership discount together with Enterprise Learning Credits)

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