Now, the leadership program for current and aspiring CISOs

Learn real-world cyber-resilience leadership skills from cyber-industry leaders

Introducing the Cyber Leadership Program

An intensive 8-week online program you can take at your own pace.

Next start date: Monday 2 August 2021

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Darren Argyle

Chairman and Co-Founder

  • Ranked in the Top 100 Global Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) & Top 100 Global Cyber Security Influencers 2016 & 2017 by SC Magazine
  • Global Head Information and Cyber Security Officer – Standard Chartered Bank. Former CISO of Qantas Airlines.
  • Board member, keynote speaker with over 20 years’ experience in executive positions.
Cyber_Resilience - cyberleadershipinstitute
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Phil Zongo

CEO and Co-Founder

  • Bestselling author of the The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience - an executive cyber strategy book.
  • Winner of multiple industry awards, including ISACA International’s 2017 Best Book / Article Award ISACA’s for his paper, “The Automation Conundrum.”
  •  Featured in multiple channels and publications (ISACA International Magazine, The NZ Business Herald, IT News, The Australian).
Cyber_Resilience - cyberleadershipinstitute

Jan Schreuder

COO and Co-Founder

  • Former senior Cybersecurity Partner with a Big 4 firm in Australia and Switzerland for more than 25 years.
  • Over 35 years consulting experience, managing large teams to deliver complex cyber transformational projects.
  • Advisor to several companies, working with senior executives and boards of directors.

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Are you a current or aspiring cyber leader looking to enhance your technological knowledge with executive leadership skills, so you can thrive in the C-suite and with the board?

The Cyber Leadership Program has been developed to give you the skills to become a world-class cyber executive. The program is delivered by a team of CISOs and senior cyber-resilience executives. Each are industry leaders with experience helping executives and board members of leading global enterprises rapidly develop high-impact cyber-resilience skills and programs.

The Cyber Leadership Program has been created especially for you

The Leadership Program will give you the skills and confidence you need to engage successfully with peer executives. The program combines practical, evidence-based education with ongoing mentorship by seasoned cyber executives.

It is very different from an internal or external generic course in leadership and will deliver results that will prove invaluable throughout your career.  

The program offers even more unprecedented benefits

  • A convenient 8-week online program that streamlines your learning
  • Provides the skills you need to complement your knowledge of technology with the executive skills to thrive at the top of your organization
  • Offers expert ongoing mentorship and support
  • Best practices for managing cyber risk and increasing cyber resilience
  • Includes premium membership in the Cyber Leadership Hub, which is made up of business leaders who support each other’s participation in cyber-resilience, as well as share and co-create methods and toolsets.  

Course Length

8 Weeks

(adjustable to your schedule)


4-5 hours per week

(of self-paced learning)

Fill out this simple enrollment form – and in just 8 weeks of intensive online mentoring by cyber-industry experts, you’ll know you’re ready. You’ll have all the knowledge and skills you need to be a CISO who can thrive in the C-suite and with the board.

Register today and get a FREE:

  • 12-month Premium Membership in the Cyber Leadership Hub, as well as...
  • a free e-copy of the Amazon best-selling book The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience by Phil Zongo.


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You’ll learn all you need to as a current or aspiring CISO

The program covers how to function confidently at the top of the industry to how to jumpstart your career as a CISO, including:

  • The executive skills to thrive in the C-suite
  • How to assess and address specific vulnerabilities in your organization’s networks, systems, and digital assets
  • Repeatable methods, templates and toolsets to help you quickly set up a cyber management system
  • Best practices for managing cyber risk and increasing cyber resilience
  • How to maximize the chances of success during your first 100 days as a new CISO
  • Where to find a CISO role
  • How to succeed during an interview

The fundamentally different model today’s CISO needs

Most cyber education is still rooted in academia, instead of the real-world skills required in the C-suite and on boards. International professional certifications, such CISSP and CISM, primarily support technical development.

As a result, neither academic qualifications nor technical certifications provide you with the knowhow to survive and thrive in the C-Suite. You need executive skills, such as how to optimize your cultural fit within the organization and the interpersonal skills to explain complex technology challenges in simple terms, persuade others, build and lead large teams, and speak with the press.

In The Cyber Leadership Program, you’ll learn these soft skills from industry leaders. They’ve thrived in the C-suite and on boards, so they’re ideally qualified to equip you to succeed. Your learning will apply to whatever industry you’re in, because executive skills are similar across all industries. 

Since most progressive companies are deliberately seeking senior leaders with track records that reflect both success and failure, the program also includes case studies about when things didn’t go according to plan and what steps were taken to recover. So you’ll learn how to cultivate perseverance and overcome challenges, too.

Of course, no education can guarantee career success, but you will be taught the skills that can make you a world-class CISO.

Complimentary Premium Membership in the Cyber Leadership Hub

When you enroll, you’ll receive your complimentary Premium Membership. As a member, you’ll be part of a highly engaged community of cyber professionals and other business leaders who support one another by sharing and co-creating methods and toolsets.  

You’ll be able to interact with other cyber leaders and keep up with current and emerging trends locally and internationally. Once you become a highly placed CISO, you’ll be able to help others in the community achieve success.

Designed for current, emerging and aspiring CISOs

If you plan to become a highly capable CISO and have a career at the top of the field, you’re one of the people the course is ideal for.

  • A senior IT professional who is responsible for managing and leading cyber transformation
  • senior technical cybersecurity professional who wants to develop C-suite leadership skills
  • A senior head of information security or senior IT Security Manager who wants to move into a CISO role
  • A newly appointed CISO looking for help and support with the first 100-day plan
  • A senior executive tasked with accountability for cyber and looking for a strategic approach for managing cyber risk

A field-tested, transformational program

Before offering the program online, the cyber industry leaders who founded Cyber Resilience proved the program in the field with face-to-face cyber leadership programs that received highly positive feedback from the attendees, who confirmed that the program is highly engaging and imparted the practical management and leadership skills they needed.

The founders have put the program online to enable far more cyber executives to acquire the skills to succeed at the top of their organizations.

The demand for CISOs is growing

Job-ready candidates equipped with the prerequisite knowledge, skills, and peer mentoring will be ideally positioned for leadership in the field.

Know you’re ready

We’ve developed the Cyber Leadership Program to teach you everything you need to know to implement and manage your company’s cybersecurity program and function successfully in the C-suite and on the board. You’ll learn the essential value-based cyber strategies and skills required to deliver results.

Using best practices, you’ll be able to mature your organization’s cyber-resilience program rapidly, comply with tightening data-protection regulations, meet the rising security expectations of your company’s customers, and interface successfully with other top executives.

In addition to cyber resilience strategies and risk management, you’ll learn leadership skills, such as effective governance and oversight, communicating cyber strategy to senior executives and the board, engaging with stakeholders to get support for your cyber-resilience program.

So you’ll have the knowledge and skills to propel your career and become a world-class CISO.

Course Length

8 Weeks

(adjustable to your schedule)


4-5 hours per week

(of self-paced learning)

Fill out this simple enrollment form – and in just 8 weeks of intensive online mentoring by cyber-industry experts, you’ll know you’re ready. You’ll have an effective, fast, and cost-effective way to improve cyber-resilience across your organization.  

Register today and get a FREE:

  • 12-month Premium Membership in the Cyber Leadership Hub, as well as...
  • a free e-copy of the Amazon best-selling book The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience by Phil Zongo.

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