Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program

Securely manage access across the identity lifecycle from creation to deactivation.

Major Business Pain Points

Weak identity and access management (IAM) practices result in considerable risk to the organization because it plays a role in most things in IT.

Common reasons behind weak IAM practices include:

  • There is no central ownership of IAM. Owners of IAM actions outside of IT (e.g. provisioning an account in an HRIS) may be resistant to adopting change.
  • IAM processes are ad-hoc and reactionary. Organizations do not have a high-level understanding of how identities and access is managed at the organization.
  • The organization lacks technology to better manage their defined IAM processes. IAM software remains expensive and is often implemented before the people and processes to support that technology have been identified.
Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program-Pain Points


Key Points

To have a successful identity and access management program, you must first identify who will be the owner(s). Then, in collaboration with the owner(s), create processes that support the organization’s goals. Lastly, consider the practicability of how technology can assist in enabling or automating defined processes.


Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program-Recommendations

The resources on this page provide a high-level framework that helps organizations ensure they are following best practice at all stages of an identity's’ lifecycle.

  • Identify the drivers behind improving your IAM practices.
  • Develop best practice processes for each section of the identity lifecycle.
  • Understand the benefits of using IAM software.

Use the research to start your journey to mature the IAM program at your organization.

Methodology and Tools

Executive Brief

Read the concise Executive Brief to find out how you improve the organization's Identity and Access Management practices using the methodology.

  • Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program – Executive Brief
  • Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program – Phases 1-3
  • IAM Initiative Tool

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