LMNTRIX Threat Defence Assessment​

Rapidly assess the effectiveness of your perimeter security controls and security monitoring function​

The LMNTRIX Threat Defense Assessment (TDA) uses a non-intrusive approach to detect both known and unknown threats that routinely bypass perimeter controls. The TDA is the ideal solution to test the effectiveness of your existing security controls as well as the security monitoring and threat detection & response capability of your SOC and/or MSSP. ​

Unlike the more intrusive method of red teaming or penetration testing where active and offensive approaches are taken to test your applications, systems, and security controls, the TDA is non-intrusive. It identifies your actual threat level without any active penetration testing type activity. The TDA involves the use of a combination of network and endpoint sensors, threat intelligence, as well as deep & dark web intelligence combined with automated threat hunting for a period 15 days. Optionally you could deploy deception technologies at no extra cost that helps detect the presence of human adversaries and insider threats. ​

Initial deployment of TDA generally takes 2-4 weeks followed by the 15 day assessment period. When enabled, TDA detects any threats that bypass your existing perimeter controls as well as any threats that your SOC and/or MSSP did not detect – assessing the effectiveness of your perimeter controls and security monitoring function. ​

The deliverable is a report highlighting all of the incidents detected during the assessment with a recommendations for improvement.

For more details on the LMNTRIX platform and managed detection and response services see https://lmntrix.com/

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