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Our mission is to empower cyber leaders to embrace the technological revolution and improve the way we all live, work and interact.


Our purpose is to give business leaders the skills to confidently lead their organizations in the digital economy. We strive to:


Develop cyber leaders who build resilience into business strategy

As our virtual and physical worlds merge, we aim to create cyber leaders who can build security and resilience into our networks. Our cyber leaders will integrate cyber resilience into business strategy so enterprises can not only securely and sustainably grow, but can innovate, unlock new markets and boost employment within their industries. 


Empower business leaders to develop sustainable cyber strategies

As a global digital community, we have a responsibility to build trust, develop resilience, and be inclusive of businesses of all sizes. We aim to arm cyber leaders with the skills they need to create strategies that will stand strong as the digital landscape evolves. These strategies will pave the way for responsible digital transformation, developing systemic security and resilience for all. 


Inspire leaders to work together to secure our digital world

We aim to build a community of cyber leaders, able to work in partnership to improve the security of our digital networks and infrastructure. Collaboration between our cyber leaders, with the right skills and tools at their fingertips, will help to shape the digital world for future generations, making everyone more resilient to the risks created by our enhanced connectivity. 


  • We are a team of CISOs and senior cyber executives with first-hand experience working with business leaders, CEOs and boards of leading global enterprises. 
  • We are passionate about simplifying the critical message of cyber resilience, translating it into actionable business language and developing your cyber leadership skills. 
  • We understand the urgency of becoming cyber resilient and are dedicated to helping create predictable and measurable processes to accelerate the delivery of cyber resilience strategies.
  • We use a fundamentally different model to the typical consulting approach to drive innovative and pragmatic solutions to complex business problems and give you full ownership of your cyber strategy and its implementation. 
  • We are part of a strong community of business and technology leaders, working together to create sustainable cyber resilience solutions, lead the fight against cyber crime and pave the way for innovative digital transformation. 


Phil Zongo

CEO and Co-Founder

Phil is an experienced head of cybersecurity, strategic advisor, author, and public speaker. He is the Amazon best selling author of The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience, a practical cyber strategy book for senior business leaders. 2017 winner of ISACA International’s Michael Cangemi Best Book/Article Award, for major contributions in the field of IS Audit, control and security. Named as one of the Top 7 Global Cyber Security Leaders in 2023 by the Security Magazine and ISACA.

Darren Argyle

Chairman and Co-Founder

Darren is an accomplished executive with close to 20 years international cyber risk and security experience and broad expertise in providing hands-on leadership, strategic C-level/board direction and programme execution. He was named in the top 100 Chief Information Security Officers globally in 2017 and the top 100 Global IT Security Influencers in 2018.

Jan Schreuder - Former senior Cybersecurity Partner with a Big 4 firm in Australia and Switzerland for more than 25 years.

Jan Schreuder

COO and Co-Founder

Jan is a well-known veteran of the IT and cybersecurity industry. Named in the IFSEC Top 25 Most Influential Global Cyber Security Professionals in 2022. He is an independent cyber security strategy advisor to Boards and Executives. Jan was previously partner at a Big 4 professional services firm for more than 25 years, leading cyber security consulting projects for large global organizations.

Rufaro Maunze-Bhebhe

Client Director – Africa Region

Rufaro is a seasoned Business Leader, Coach and Executive Management Consultant with experience working in Zimbabwe, Australia, and several countries across sub-Saharan Africa focusing on strategic operations, leadership development, change management, and socio-economic development.

Catrina Mira

Operations Manager

Catrina is a tireless seeker of knowledge who considers herself a ‘forever student’ and a problem-solver dedicated to producing results. She joined the Cyber Leadership Institute in 2019 and has responsibility for project managing the delivery roadmap and ensuring the smooth running of our day to day operations.

Lemon Verdijo

Project Assistant

With years of experience as a customer service associate, Lemon stepped out of her comfort zone and joined the Cyber Leadership Institute in 2020. She provides support to our course participants and the members of the Cyber Leadership Hub on a day to day basis.

Andrea Penze

Content Writer and Editor

Andrea is a writer and editor with experience across a variety of industries. She loves language and the power of words and enjoys utilizing her linguistic skills to help others produce and refine their works.

Oscar Gabriel Olan

Course Administrator

Oscar dove into the world of technology in 2022 to explore life beyond the four corners of the classroom. From educating young minds to working entirely online, he administers courses at Cyber Leadership Institute that help current and future cyber leaders reach their full potential.

Avegail Arriesgado

Project Coordinator

Avegail brings her dedicated approach to the table. She strives to ensure that projects are executed with precision and efficiency. Drawing from her background in information technology and diverse experiences in online marketing, she aims to provide comprehensive support to Cyber Leadership Institute.

Ivy Verano

Project Coordinator

Ivy is a dedicated IT graduate with an extensive background in various fields, including sales, marketing, and multimedia editing. Her responsibilities include client management and project coordination.