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Terminator EDR Killer (Spyboy) | Detecting and Preventing a Windows BYOVD Attack

April 16, 2024 , SentinelOne

A Russian-speaking hacker has been making headlines recently after promoting a tool that the threat actor claims can bypass EDR […]

Are You Making One of These 8 Cloud Security Mistakes?

March 19, 2024 , SentinelOne

Though mass adoption has driven an increased awareness and need for cloud security, many businesses continue to make common cloud-related […]

Gamifying Cyber Security Awareness to Boost Engagement

March 1, 2024 , Phil Zongo

Studies reveal that effective cyber security awareness programs provide the highest return on security investments. But let’s face it, most […]

Looking Within | Strategies for Detecting and Mitigating Insider Threats

February 22, 2024 , SentinelOne

Over the past decade, the digital landscape has undergone a rapid transformation, reshaping the way businesses operate and interact with […]

Analyzing Attack Opportunities Against Information Security Practitioners

January 29, 2024 , SentinelOne

In partnership with vx-underground, SentinelOne recently ran its first Malware Research Challenge, in which we asked researchers across the cybersecurity […]

Cybersecurity In The Fast Lane | Why Speed Is Key In Incident Response & Mitigation

January 16, 2024 , SentinelOne

Threat actors are constantly evolving, consistently developing the tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) they use in attacks. In today’s threat […]

Revisiting The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience

January 4, 2024 , Phil Zongo

Eight years ago I determined to pursue another ambitious goal — to write a book that would strip away the […]

What It Takes to be a Top Gun | GenAI & Cybersecurity

November 14, 2023 , SentinelOne

We believe that generative AI has the potential to generate massive value and disrupt existing industries and applications. We are […]

Getting More From Cloud | How to Maximize Business Value Through CloudOps Services

October 17, 2023 , SentinelOne

With more businesses relying on cloud computing to streamline operations and improve scalability, enterprise leaders are adopting a cloud-first approach, combining network, performance, […]

Strengthening Cyber Defenses | A Guide to Enhancing Modern Tabletop Exercises

September 30, 2023 , SentinelOne

To combat a growing range of cyber threats, enterprise leaders and cybersecurity professionals often employ tabletop exercises as a valuable […]

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