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The Cyber Leadership Institute is creating a powerful and diverse global movement of visionary cyber leaders who think critically and actively collaborate to drive positive change within their organizations and accelerate the creation of a resilient digital ecosystem.

Become part of a closely bonded network of like-minded cyber leaders from all over the world.

CYBER LEADERS ON THE MOVE Untold Stories of Visionaries shaping the Cyber World

Since its founding, CLI has trained cyber leaders from more than 47 countries, cutting through genders, cultures, geographies, and industries. Our ambitious journey — to build a global cohesive global community of 10 000 cyber leaders who actively collaborate to create a safer digital world — has connected us with some incredible global change-makers.

From the bustling Nairobi, to the charming Geneva, from the megacity of Mumbai to the Fijian Archipelagos, these remarkable stories have inspired the cyber community to dream beyond any perceived limitations.

Here are some of our most remarkable alumni going beyond the call of duty in the fight against the menace of cybercrime.

Ashwin Ram

Cybersecurity Evangelist, Check Point

Our inaugural story features the charismatic Ashwin Ram, who boasts more than 15 years on the frontlines of cyber defense. Ashwin’s journey, who spent part of his childhood growing up in Lakeba, a remote island in Fiji’s Southern Lau Archipelago, comprised of six villages with only two vehicles in his time, is deeply inspiring to say the least.

Read his motivating story here.

Noureen Njoroge

Director of Global Cyber Threat Intelligence, Nike

At 14, Noureen stripped her home PC down, carefully studied dozens of individual components, and then rebuilt the PC. From that moment, her tech career started. Noureen went on to defy incredible odds, migrating to the USA at a young age, and accelerating herself through the ranks to the Director of Global Cyber Threat Intelligence at Nike. Noureen’s journey proves the remarkable power of relentless focus to achieve goals previously deemed unreachable.

Read her stirring story here. 

Georges De Moura

Vice President & Group CISO, EDGE

Possessing a rare combination of deep leadership experience, clarity of thought, and humility, Georges is one of the most decorated CISOs out there. During his stellar career, spanning different geographies and changing times, he held executive and advisory roles at major global brands like Etihad Airways, Thales, IBM, Airbus, and the World Economic Forum. The Childhood lessons in empathy and hard work continue to push Georges forward.

Read his powerful story here.

Natasha Passley

Cybersecurity Consulting Partner, KPMG

Growing up in Wales, Natasha was acutely aware she was different as one of only three black/mixed-race kids at school. But Natasha would soon turn her proverbial lemons into lemonade. The absence of a relatable role model instilled an unrelenting quest for self-improvement. Now Cyber Security Consulting Partner at KPMG Natasha has become the mentor to emerging female leaders she never had.

Read her inspiring story here.

Joss Howard

Cyber Security Partner, McGrathNicol

Born and raised the UK, Joss’s love for cybersecurity was birthed within the Royal Air Force (RAF), which she joined at a young age. She spent almost two decades across multiple mission-critical roles within the RAF, working on the cutting edge of IT security, learning techniques to identify and exploit physical and technical vulnerabilities. The adversities she faced at a young age instilled bottomless quest for self-improvement and empathy.

Read her incredible story here. 

Vandana Verma

Global Chair of OWASP and Security Relations Leader APJ, ANZ region at Snyk

Vandana learnt the importance of competing against herself at a young age. Whilst in college, Vandana dabbled in networking computers and routers and then pursued an MBA. Vandana built her impressive career across global tech giants like Wipro, IBM, and Accenture. But what is most inspiring about Vandana is her selflessness, championing diversity on the global stage, founding InfoSec Kids, and most recently being appointed Chair of OWASP.

Read her compelling story here. 


Cyber leaders who participate in our flagship executive courses — Cyber Leadership Program (CLP) and Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program (CSTP) — are required to participate in strategy presentation competitions. Why do we gamify cyber strategy design and presentation? Because as countless studies show, the fastest path to mastery is through doing. These competitions reinforce strategy design, leadership, stakeholder engagement, and board communication skills — essentials to succeed in the high-pressure CISO role. The following winners of these highly contested competitions rigorously tied their cyber strategies to business goals, ruthlessly prioritized high-impact initiatives, defined clear road maps, and presented their strategies with clarity, persuasion, and impact.

Cyber Leadership Program (CLP)

Natasha Passley

Cybersecurity Consulting Partner, KPMG

June 2020 CLP Cohort

Eugene Teo

VP & Deputy Chief Security Officer, UKG

August 2020 CLP Cohort

Ashwin Ram

Cybersecurity Evangelist, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

October 2020 CLP Cohort

Niranjan Kunwar

Senior Director, Information Security Architecture, Vontier

November 2020 CLP Cohort

Joss Howard

Cybersecurity Partner, McGrathNicol

February 2021 CLP Cohort

Nicole Neil

Director Information Security, Seer

April 2021 CLP Cohort

Etienne Botha

Country Security Manager | Intelligence Analyst | Cyber Specialist, Saipem

June 2021 CLP Cohort

Neil Gooding

Information Security Lead,


August 2021 CLP Cohort

Arun Subramaniam

Senior Security Architect, Woolworths Group

September 2021 CLP Cohort

Sajin Nelson

Information Security Manager, UK Software Solutions and Managed Services

November 2021

CLP Cohort

Ankur Kumar

Director, CyberStrat

February 2022 CLP Cohort

Danielle Pentony

A/g Chief Information Security Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

April 2022 CLP Cohort

Avelet Fernandes

Information Security Audit Manager, Haleon 

June 2022 CLP Cohort

Joe Varkey

Domain Manager,

Transport for NSW

August 2022 CLP Cohort

Prashil Kumar

Senior Manager IT & Cybersecurity,

Fiji Airways

October 2022 CLP Cohort

Pete Sharp

Head of Cybersecurity Strategy & Governance

February 2023 CLP Cohort

Tim Vonderwall

General Manager Corporate Services, Rural City of Murray Bridge

February 2023 CLP Cohort

Krishna Bagla

Service Delivery Manager,

Penrith City Council

February 2023 CLP Cohort

Johanna Williamson

Senior Manager - Security Strategy & Governance, nbn™ Australia

April 2023 CLP Cohort

Grant Hughes

IT Manager: Cybersecurity GRC, Engen

June 2023 CLP Cohort

Daniel Johns

Principal Security Consultant, MyCISO

August 2023 CLP Cohort

Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program (CSTP)

Ashwin Ram

Cybersecurity Evangelist, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

August 2021 CSTP


Jumar Pando

Cyber Security & IT Risk, 

MECCA Brands

September 2021 CSTP Cohort

Tom Sadler

Head of Cyber Security and IT, 


November 2021 CSTP Cohort

Louisa Vogelenzang

Head of Cybersecurity APJ, Ceridian

February 2022 CSTP Cohort

Satinder Singh

Senior Manager, Cyber Security, KPMG Canada

June 2022 CSTP 


Joe Varkey

Domain Manager,

Transport for NSW

October 2022 CSTP Cohort

David Stafford-Gaffney

General Manager Cybersecurity (AU),


March 2023 CSTP Cohort

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