Our Partnership Approach

At the Cyber Leadership Institute, we believe in the power of collaboration. We understand that success in the dynamic and complex field of cyber security requires a collective effort, and partnerships play a vital role in it. We align with organizations that share our passion for cyber leadership, fostering an ecosystem that promotes knowledge sharing, innovation, and mutual growth.

Through our partner programs, we seek to integrate expertise from various cyber security domains and bring a diverse range of benefits to our members. We’re committed to creating partnerships that not only provide value to our partners and sponsors but also enrich the experience and opportunities for our members.

Cyber Security Membership Organizations

Why partner with CLI?

CLI partners with cyber security membership organizations who want to provide additional value to their members, wish to take a leadership role in shaping the cyber security profession, and are committed to fostering the next generation of cyber leaders. This opportunity is particularly beneficial for membership organizations keen on contributing towards the greater good and increasing participation among underrepresented communities and individuals.

Benefits for Membership Organizations

  • An opportunity to immediately add value to your members through CLI's high-quality programs and resources.
  • A chance to take a leadership role in the development of leadership skills within the cyber security industry.
  • A chance to take a leadership role in the development of leadership skills within the cyber security industry.

Benefits for Your Members

  • Significantly discounted access to Cyber Leadership Institute courses and memberships, ensuring high-quality learning opportunities are within reach.
  • The opportunity to apply for scholarships to CLI leadership programs, fostering growth and professional development.
  • Access to a global network of cyber security professionals, facilitating networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.
  • Premium members gain access to hundreds of business-ready cyber security resources, including playbooks, methodologies, practice aids, and tools.

Our Membership Organization Partners


Why become a CLI sponsor?

Sponsors that are leaders in their fields can greatly benefit from partnering with CLI. We value organizations ready to share their knowledge, provide resources, and offer valuable insights that will enrich our member experience. The opportunity is particularly beneficial for those who are committed to fostering inclusivity and lifting participation in underrepresented communities.

Benefits for Our Sponsors

  • Gain immediate access to a global community of ambitious cyber security professionals, many of whom are in senior positions with direct influence over budgets.
  • Build long-term, trusted relationships with our members that develop and strengthen over time.
  • Leverage the personal global relationships and social media influence of CLI's co-founders.
  • Publish thought leadership articles and insights on the Cyber Leadership Hub to showcase your expertise and services.
  • Give back to the cyber security industry through scholarships for underrepresented communities.

Benefits for Our Members

  • Gain access to a larger pool of carefully curated cyber leadership thought leadership.
  • Access to scholarship opportunities for cyber leadership programs, specifically designed to empower members of underrepresented communities. This opens avenues for diverse talent to advance their careers.
  • Get exclusive content from industry leaders, fostering learning and development.
  • Enjoy special discounts on sponsor services and products, allowing members to access top-notch resources at reduced costs.
  • Leverage opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Research Organizations

We partner with Research Organizations who provide our members with high-quality resources and content that enrich their learning journey and keep them abreast of evolving trends in cyber security and cyber leadership.

Benefits for Research Organizations

  • Leverage our platform to distribute your content and reach a wider audience.
  • Get feedback and engagement from our active and passionate community.

Benefits for Our Members

  • Access to a vast library of cutting-edge content and resources.
  • Stay updated on the latest advancements and trends in the industry.
  • Learn from a diverse pool of experts in the field.

Our Research Organization Partners

Referral Partners

Why become a CLI Referral partner?

Cyber security services providers can significantly enhance their service portfolio by introducing their clients to CLI’s industry-leading programs and resources. If your organization is looking to create additional value, broaden your network, or enhance your reputation within the cyber security community, partnering with CLI could be the perfect opportunity. Most importantly, we value partners who are dedicated to fostering the next generation of cyber leaders and increasing participation among underrepresented communities and individuals.

Benefits for Referral Partners

  • Earn referral fees for successful referrals to CLI programs.
  • Get exclusive access to our partner resources and tools, helping to equip you for successful referrals.
  • Increase your service value by offering your clients or members access to our industry-leading cyber leadership programs.

Benefits for Our Members

  • Our referral network allows for greater connection and communication within the industry.
  • It opens new avenues for exploration and opportunities in the cyber security field.
  • Members can receive special offers and promotions via our referral partners.

Our Referral Partners

Lockdown Cyber Security
Information Security Buzz
Cyber Risk Meetup
Cyber Security Capital

Interested In Partnering With Us?

We're always looking for new partnerships and sponsorships that add value to our members' experiences and contribute to the growth of the cyber leadership field. If you're interested in exploring opportunities with us, please fill out the contact form, and our team will get back to you soon.

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