CISO Playbook:

First 100 Days

Setting the CISO up for success

This CISO Playbook is intended as a complete set of end-to-end strategic initiatives and a framework to build a first 100-day plan for a new CISO.

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Darren Argyle
About the Author
Darren Argyle

Darren is an Industry Fellow at Chartered Institute of Information Security’s (CIISec), board member and keynote speaker with over 20 years’ cyber leadership experience. Former Group CISO for Qantas Airlines, FinTech Group CISO and executive positions at IBM, Group Chief Information Security Risk Officer for Standard Chartered Bank. He was ranked in the Top 100 Global Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) in 2017 and 2022, and Top 100 Global Cyber Security Influencers 2016 & 2017 by SC Magazine.