CISO Playbook:

Protecting the Crown Jewels

Building a cyber security strategy around high value digital assets

This CISO Playbook provides some practical guidelines for enterprises to identify and maintain a tight list of high-value digital assets and develop a highly focused cyber resilience program to maximise the value from cyber security investments and accelerate the strengthening of their cyber resilience posture.

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About the Author
Phillimon Zongo

Phil is an international keynote speaker, multi-award winning virtual CISO and bestselling author of The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience, a practical cyber strategy book for senior business leaders. He is an official member of Forbes Business Council, an Invitation-Only Global Community for Successful Business Owners and Leaders. He was named one of 2020’s Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent (New York USA), as well as 2017 winner of ISACA International’s Best Article Award (Chicago, USA). His views have been featured by Forbes, CISCO, NZ Business Herald, Financial Standard, SAP, etc., and named as one of the Top 7 Global Cyber Security Leaders in 2023 by the Security Magazine and ISACA.

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