Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise

Make big gains in small steps.

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Major Business Pain Points

  • Many small IT departments are overwhelmed by low-value, reactionary work. They can have trouble discerning, and focusing on, initiatives that will help contribute to the growth of the business.
  • These small IT shops tend to believe that they lack the time, tools, and skillset to engage in traditional project portfolio management (PPM) – a discipline that can help bring a strategic and unifying vision to project activity.
  • Small or large, it’s important that IT does the right thing for the business. If small IT leaders are to contribute to business growth, they need to increase the manageability and value of IT projects by implementing lightweight PPM processes that are suitable for teams in fast-paced, rapidly changing, interruption-driven environments.
Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise-Pain Points


Key Points

  • Almost all PPM commercial tools and formal frameworks are aimed at mid- to large-sized enterprises. IT shops with ten or less staff are grossly underserved when it comes to PPM advice.
  • Successful PPM doesn’t require additional time or administrative overhead. A right-sized approach to PPM improves project results and business satisfaction without imposing additional load on small IT teams.
  • The most ideal time to start building PPM capabilities is while the organization is still small. If you start small, you can better refine and evolve your capabilities to coincide with business growth. The longer you wait to hone these capabilities, the harder it will be to establish PPM discipline as the business expands.


Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise-Recommendations
  • Bring visibility to the work-in-progress by developing right-sized tools and reporting processes.
  • Manage resource capacity to ensure that IT isn’t promising more than it can deliver.
  • Develop strong project initiation and closure practices to help drive the throughput of the highest value projects through the portfolio.

Methodology and Tools

Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should formalize a PPM solution, review the methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

  • Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise – Executive Brief
  • Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise – Phases 1-2

1. Develop the plan

Establish a right-sized portfolio operating plan that will help bring calm to the storm of small IT.

  • Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise – Phase 1: Develop the Plan
  • Portfolio Operating Plan for Small Enterprise

2. Implement the plan

Action your portfolio operating plan with a set of simple tools that won’t tie you or your team down in additional overhead.

  • Formalize Project Portfolio Management for Small Enterprise – Phase 2: Implement the Plan
  • Project Portfolio Workbook
  • PPM for Small Enterprise – Setup Implementation Guide
  • PPM for Small Enterprise – Resource Allocation Implementation Guide

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