CISO Playbook:

Developing a Cyber-Resilient Culture

Implementing effective cyberculture strategies for a cyber-resilient enterprise

This playbook proposes a series of recommendations for implementation of an effective enterprise-wide cyber-resilient culture program.

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About the Authors

Darren Argyle

Darren is an  experienced executive with close to 20 years international cyber risk and security experience and broad expertise in providing hands-on leadership, strategic C-level/board direction and programme execution. He was named in the top 100 Chief Information Security Officers globally in 2017 and the top 100 Global IT Security Influencers in 2018.

Jasmin Krapf

Jasmin is a Security Awareness and Enablement Leader with +12 years of cyber transformation experience, consults in security awareness for organizations large, small, public and private and expertise in helping organizations deliver effective change and cyber capability uplift.

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