Elevate Your Personal Brand

Unlock the incredible power of personal branding

Introducing the game-changing personal branding program for technical professionals

Elevate Your Personal Brand

An intensive 4-week online course you can take at your own pace.

Next start date: Monday 15 November 2021


Phil Zongo

Bestselling Author | CEO, Cyber Leadership Institute

Phil Zongo is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cyber Leadership Institute (CLI) and a global keynote speaker. He is a bestselling author whose thought leadership has been published across dozens of high-profile magazines and journals. He has won multiple awards for outstanding thought leadership, including: 2017 winner of the ISACA Global Best Article / Book Award and named in the Global Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD - New York).

Jaime Cohen

Named Top 75 Influential Voices on LinkedIn | Executive Communication Coach

Jaime Cohen is CEO of The Right Words, a globally acclaimed speaker and executive communications coach who has helped thousands of senior professionals sharpen their messaging and brands. With posts generating millions of views, Jaime was named Top 75 Influential Voices on LinkedIn. She’s the host of a LinkedIn Live show called “Tough Conversations” and has developed communication courses for LinkedIn.

Darren Argyle

Top 100 Global CISO | Chairman, Cyber Leadership Institute

Darren is an accomplished executive with close to 20 years of international cyber risk and security experience and broad expertise in providing hands-on leadership, strategic C-Level / Board direction, and program execution. He was named in the Top 100 Chief Information Security Officers globally in 2017 and the Top 100 Global IT Security Influencers in 2018.

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Do you want to gain industry respect, accelerate into an executive role, boost your earnings, or become an authority in your professional domain?

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you already have a personal brand. Prospective clients, recruiters, and employers have deeply ingrained perceptions about the value you bring to the table and the values you stand for. Recruiters use these opinions to throw professionals into ridiculous pay brackets just 30 minutes into the first meeting.

Are any of these holding you back?

  • Are you sick of having your strong technical skill sets overlooked during promotions while your technically inferior peers accelerate into executive roles?
  • Do employers and recruiters offer you salaries ridiculously lower than your technical skillsets deserve based on their opinions of your value?
  • Do you harbor ambitions to step out of a 9-5 monotonous role and start your own consulting business but have no means to attract prospective clients?
  • Are you afraid of what will happen to you if your role is made redundant or outsourced?
  • Have you left so much money on the table because you lack the confidence and strategies to negotiate what you deserve?

Not to worry, we have created this practical course to share proven strategies to develop a strong personal brand quickly.

Unlock the incredible power of personal branding

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, a strong personal brand is the most powerful weapon to stand out and become the obvious choice for employers and clients. This course will help you to quickly develop and sustain an outstanding personal brand.

It will provide you with several benefits, including:

  • You will outshine your colleagues at work and earn the respect of your peers and executives. That makes you the obvious choice for the next executive role.
  • You will be able to step out of a 9-5 role and set up a thriving consulting business anytime. Your thought leadership becomes your business card, a powerful magnet to attract prospects. Clients will compete for your expertise and when you tell your peers your daily consultancy fees, they will just exclaim, Wow!
  • You will gain leverage. Executive search agents will constantly knock on your door. Employers will ask you how much you want, and start-ups will invite you to join their advisory boards.
  • You will be engaged in high-visibility strategic projects, further improving your commercial acumen and exposure to key decision-makers.
  • You will be invited to speak at high profile conferences, further boosting your network. Over time, businesses and conference organizers will pay you to share your expertise, creating multiple streams of income.
  • By aligning your work with your deepest passions, work will never feel like work again.

The good news is that personal branding is no longer a preserve for a few self-anointed influencers. Any professional can apply the learning from this course to build and monetize a strong personal brand.

Transform your career and secure the recognition and salary you deserve.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand what personal branding is and why it is a game-changer for technical professionals
  2. Learn how course facilitators leveraged their strong personal brands to radically accelerate their careers and create the lives they wanted.
  3. Understand why the most powerful part of your Personal Brand is your story
  4. Leverage the power of LinkedIn to boost your reach and influence
  5. Anchor your personal branding journey on a clear vision, mission statement and roadmap
  6. Blend your deepest passion and expertise to address your audience’s pain points (develop skills clients are willing to pay a premium for)
  7. Create consistently outstanding, highly engaging thought leadership through writing with clarity, impact, and persuasion
  8. Become a stellar storyteller and create engaging, authentic videos that convert
  9. Repurpose inevitable adversity towards your growth
  10. Embrace authenticity to create a large base of connections that like, trust, and know you
  11. Master proven strategies to interview more effectively and negotiate your way to a higher salary
  12. Understand various ways to monetize your personal brand

How you will learn

Our blended approach combines self-paced pre-recorded lectures and live Zoom events. This means you can receive constant feedback from course facilitators who have been there and done it, with minimal impact on your work schedule. We condense years of experience into a four-week easy-to-understand online course. Simply log on whenever you can and consume as much or as little content as you have time for!

Course Length

4 Weeks

(adjustable to your schedule)


4-5 hours per week

(of self-paced learning)