It’s time for a new cyber-risk aware mindset

Technology alone doesn't stop the next headline-making cyber-attack

There's no question that technology had brought about revolutionary and dramatic changes in safeguarding companies from cyber threats. But as technology advances, so do the tactics used by our adversaries. The ultra-connected world comes with security risks. Critical infrastructures are just a click away from criminal cyber actors who are motivated and capable of doing organizations harm. To prevent malicious criminals from compromising devices and networks, we underscore individual responsibility in securing our information and communications infrastructure. 

As enterprises move further to a new sphere of connected technologies, a company that engages employees through enjoyable, appealing, and sticky cyber awareness activities and not only implements technical processes will make a foundation of more secure and resilient cyberculture. It is time to reframe our mindset about how we must protect, from the sole use of technology to transforming employee behaviors through highly engaging awareness programs. We know that a culture where everyone is involved will have strategic implications for decades to come. 

Senior business executives should be the first in the organization to demonstrate an ironclad commitment to a changed cybersecurity and resiliency culture. Companies must take decisive action in advancing cybersecurity skills training, identifying the most-skilled cybersecurity workers, and encouraging outstanding cybersecurity behaviors. All staff must use best practices and spread awareness themselves on ways they can mitigate risks, safeguard data, and contribute to the security of the company. Doing so maximize not only productivity but also optimize scarce resources. 

We urge everybody to recognize the importance of cybersecurity and spur investment with forward-looking, strategic, and sustainable approaches. Let's make technology and people talk to one another in shielding against the subtle manipulation and corruption of cybercriminals that tank the security and future of industries. 

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CISO Playbook: Developing a Cyber-Resilient Culture - Implementing effective cyberculture strategies for a cyber-resilient enterprise

This playbook proposes a series of recommendations for implementation of an effective enterprise-wide cyber-resilient culture program.

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