Launch of the Cyber Resilience Meetup series

On 12 November 2019, we were excited to partner with MEETIG8 and launch our first ever Cyber Resilience Meetup on the topic of Cyber Risk from the Perspective of the Board and the C-Suite. Attended by dozens of senior business leaders, the meetup featured senior business risk and technology executives, including Robin Low (Independent Board Director for listed companies), David Hackshall (CIO for Cochlear),  Richard Groves (CRO for Volt Bank), Jan Schreuder (Co-founder and director of Cyber Resilience) and Phil Zongo  (Co-founder and director of Cyber Resilience).

Phil Zongo delivered a keynote in which he underscored that cyber resilience is less about impulsively pouring billions into flashy tools, but more about a strong cyber aware culture buttressed by executive support and effective governance structures. This was followed by a highly engaging panel, with executives sharing perspectives on talent shortage, articulating cyber risk to the board, creating a cyber aware culture and other strategic topics. The next cyber risk meetup is scheduled in February 2020.

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