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Introducing the Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program

An intensive 8-week online program you can take at your own pace.

Next start date: Monday 2 August 2021


Jan Schreuder - Former senior Cybersecurity Partner with a Big 4 firm in Australia and Switzerland for more than 25 years.

Jan Schreuder

COO and Co-Founder

  • Former senior Cybersecurity Partner with a Big 4 firm in Australia and Switzerland for more than 25 years.
  • Over 35 years consulting experience, managing large teams to deliver complex cyber transformational projects.
  • Advisor to several companies, working with senior executives and boards of directors.

Phil Zongo

CEO and Co-Founder

  • Bestselling author of the The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience - an executive cyber strategy book.
  • Winner of multiple industry awards, including ISACA International’s 2017 Best Book / Article Award SACA’s for his paper, “The Automation Conundrum.”
  • Featured in multiple channels and publications (ISACA International Magazine, The NZ Business Herald, IT News, The Australian).

Darren Argyle

Chairman and Co-Founder

  • Ranked in the Top 100 Global Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) & Top 100 Global Cyber Security Influencers 2016 & 2017 by SC Magazine
  • Global Head Information and Cyber Security Officer – Standard Chartered Bank. Former CISO of Qantas Airlines.
  • Board member, keynote speaker with over 20 years’ experience in executive positions.

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The Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program was developed by cyber industry leaders for business and technology executives who have responsibility for leading cybersecurity and resilience strategies across their organizations.

The program is delivered by the team of CISOs and senior cyber-resilience executives who developed it. Each are industry leaders with experience helping executives and board members of leading global enterprises rapidly develop high-impact cyber-resilience skills and programs.

You’ll receive state-of-the-art practical guidance and coaching from them to rapidly advance your ability to create high-impact strategies that quickly deliver resilience to cyberattacks.

When faced with the challenge of developing your cybersecurity strategy and selling it to stakeholders, you generally have two choices.

You can educate yourself or someone else on your team. The trouble is, there are many cybersecurity courses and certifications, but they can be too academic, overly technical, or simply not very valuable.

Alternately, can appoint cybersecurity consultants to develop the strategy for you, but it’s a costly step and the time required for them to develop the roadmap can’t deliver the risk reduction you need quickly enough. 

The Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program offers all of these unique benefits:

  • An intensive 8-week online program delivered by a team of CISOs and senior cyber-resilience executives
  • Created specifically to empower business leaders with the skills and tools they need to mature their cyber resilience frameworks rapidly
  • Presents practical strategies to accelerate cyber resilience
  • Enables compliance with tightening data-protection regulations and meet rising customer expectations for security Offers 
  • Provides ongoing access to expert mentorship and support
  • Includes Premium Membership in the Cyber Leadership Hub

Course Length

8 Weeks

(adjustable to your schedule)


4-5 hours per week

(of self-paced learning)

Fill out this simple enrollment form – and in just 8 weeks of intensive online mentoring by cyber-industry experts, you’ll know you’re ready. You’ll have an effective, fast, and cost-effective way to improve cyber-resilience across your organization.  

Register today and get a FREE:

  • 12-month Premium Membership in the Cyber Leadership Hub, as well as...
  • a free e-copy of the Amazon best-selling book The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience by Phil Zongo.

The Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program is the transformational learning model the industry needs 

Unlike the usual academic program, it combines practical cyber resilience education by industry leaders, expert mentorship, and membership in a highly engaged community of business leaders who support one another, share and co-create methods and toolsets.

Designed specifically for executives driving cybersecurity and resilience strategies

  • CISOs who would like to manage cyber resilience more holistically
  • Technical cyber security professionals who want to take a leadership role in driving cyber-resilience strategy
  • Small business owners facing significant cyber risk
  • Startup founders who need to demonstrate to their stakeholders and customers that they’re effectively managing cyber risk
  • Cybersecurity consultants who want to increase the value they deliver to clients

A comprehensive step-by-step program

You’ll learn the real-world skills to:

  • Assess your cyber risks and capabilities, so you can rapidly develop a cyber-resilience strategy with strong foundations.
  • Mature your cyber resilience, using the right KPIs and metrics to track your progress.
  • Manage cyber risks in a measurable and predictable way
  • Make the important link between cyber strategy and business strategy to deliver value and build trust with stakeholders
  • Sustain your resilience by monitoring the evolving threat landscape and adapting cyber strategies to deliver resilience against new threats
  • Adopt governance structures that allow you to adapt to changing business circumstances.

Ensures you have full ownership of your strategy and its implementation

You’ll be prepared to involve and guide the people who know your business and IT environment bestAs a result, you’ll no longer need to rely on the latest shiny technology a vendor presents, throw money at the problem by building layers of defense that can become unmanageable, train someone else to do the practical work, or appoint a costly consulting firm to develop a roadmap that simply can’t deliver the risk reduction you need quickly enough.