Cyber Leadership Institute / Meetig8 Cyber Careers Meetup

On 11 March 2020, the Cyber Leadership Institute and Meetig8 successfully hosted a highly interactive cyber careers meetup. Phil Zongo, Cyber Resilience Director, interviewed Shanna Daly, Founder and Director of Caccia Cyber Security and  Darren Argyle Chief Information Security Risk Officer of Standard Chartered Bank. 

They shared a number of important tips, including:

  1. The mindset that you have to emerge from a technical background to thrive in cyber security is flawed. So many professionals have forged great cyber career paths from risk management, business communications, project management and other disciplines.
  2. To break into cyber security, passion is the key. If you proactively demonstrate passion to learn, get out your comfort zone, actively expand your network, you will increase chances to succeed.
  3. Take your personal branding seriously, especially via LinkedIn. Differentiate yourself from your peers through regular posts, article or actively commenting on strategic topics.
  4. Developing your personal resilience is vital to thrive in a number of high pressure cyber roles.

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