New Playbooks in CISO Playbook series

In line with its mission to empower the cyber community with high quality, practical toolsets to accelerate the development of cyber resilience postures, the Cyber Leadership Hub has continued to expand on its CISO Playbook series. These strategic documents provides clear-cut, step-by-step guidance to address some of the biggest cyber blind spots, ensuring efficient use of scarce resources.

Some of the new playbooks include:

  1. Manage cyber risk during mergers and acquisitions – provides a complete set of end-to-end strategic considerations (beyond technology considerations), to address cybersecurity, information risk and business-driven security opportunity to protect deal value during takeovers and mergers.
  2. Protecting the Crown Jewels. We provide some practical guidelines in our CISO Playbook on building cybersecurity strategies around high-value digital assets.
  3. Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management - Throughout this playbook, you will find practical guidelines to identify and implement effective cyber governance strategies over third parties or business partners.

For a complete set of CISO Playbooks and other resources, please visit our Resource Library.

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