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The CLOUDSEC 2019 Conference with the theme:

See. Secure. Go Further.

will gather together more than 600 professionals to tackle the latest industry insights, top security technologies, key priorities to develop cyber security strategies and build resilience.

Phillimon Zongo will participate in a keynote executive panel discussion: "Examining security challenges through the CISO lens" together with other panelists Dan MaslinMagda Chelly and Myla Pilao and Moderator, Matt Tett.

Topics to be addressed by the panel include:

  • What exactly does cyber resilience look like, and what does it take to make it effective?
  • Alert fatigue in cyber security – what are the key proven steps to eliminate this?
  • Disruptive Cloud Technologies – How do CISOs manage the cyber security impacts?
  • Executive visibility – what effective ways can CISOs measure the value of security success and communicate security awareness to the board?

More details here > https://www.cloudsec.com/au/

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